Who We Are?

Who Am I?

A freelancer photographer with great experience in drone piloting.

I’m totally up for it! As a UAV Pilot, I’ve got this sense of responsibility nailed down, and I’m not shy about taking on cool new challenges. Communication? You bet, I’m on it. Pressure? Bring it on – I’m a focus champ. Learning new tech? Count me in, I’m a total geek for that stuff. When it comes to my work, quality rules, and I’m all about that detailed reporting. Oh, and I’m as flexible as a rubber band – whether it’s onshore, offshore, or even remotely, I’m ready to spread my wings and take off! 🚁✈️

Extraordinary Experiences

I worked at Helvetis LTD. from 2022. It was a brilliant phase of my career! Besides, I travelled all around Europe.

I gained a lot of knowledge about the wind power industry by concluding inspection on blades and towers as well. I learned a lot about the technical elements of the UAVs (limball, LiDAR, lens, sensors, etc.) as a visual observer and a UAV pilot. I met many great people from many cultures who really inspired me.

My carrier with drones

In 2017, I bought my first drone, a DJI Mavic Pro and I started learning how to fly with drones, while taking personal photos and videos. Among many successes since then, I have been asked local festival pictures, school, house roof inspection by drone. In addition I also made pictures and videos for the social media based on personal requests.

What can I do for you?